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Geriatric Care

Ayurveda, being fundamentally the science of life and longevity, seems to have addressed these issues in a unique holistic manner involving not merely the biological care, rather also encompassing the psychosocial and spiritual dimensions. Ayurveda practices a unique approach of biopurificatory therapy designed to cleanse the Srotas i.e. the micro channels of the body enabling the organism to function normally and also to restore the inner transport system resulting in turn to better nutritional status with adequate chances of repair of wear and tear of the body with rejuvenative activity. In geriatric practice an Ayurvedic physician uses selective rehabilitative Panchkarma therapy avoiding the drastic evacuatory practices like Vamana and strong Virechana procedures. The schedule in the elderly should consist of ABHYNGA- medicated oil applications, STEAM-sudation, Pizichill, Pindasweda, Sirodhara and Nourishing- Basti suitably planned for each individual. Such a package could appropriately considered 'Geriatric Panchakarma'.

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